Podsnip #3: Create the life you want to live (6 mins)

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a soulless job, if you’ve ever dreamt of pursuing a passion but never considered it a realistic option, this conversation is everything you need to hear. These days it’s pretty common to hear people go on about following your dreams, but I’ve never heard it said better than in this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience. I’m not kidding. This. Conversation. Is. Everything.

I posted a pretty long snip this time, and I probably could have cut it down, but it’s all just SO good. The juicy stuff lasts for over a half hour (starting at 1:47:00), and I encourage you to listen to the whole thing.

Episode: #1041 Dan Carlin
Featuring: Joe Rogan (Host), Dan Carlin
Podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience


Notable Quotes

“What’s really going to make you unique is the way your brain works differently than anyone’s brain who’s ever existed on the planet. That’s valuable right there. Write down what comes out of your brain.” – Dan Carlin

Topics Covered

  • How a lot of people feel stuck in the soulless cycle of cubicle life / debt / tiredness
  • How theres enough “slices of the pie” for everyone, you just have to find your niche
  • How it’s the golden age to start a business or be an artist
  • How just doing something, putting anything positive out into the world, has a ripple effect that can open up unforeseen opportunities
  • How failure is essential to growth
  • How doing hard physical things (like yoga) builds your mental stamina for other areas of your life
  • How your health is essential to generating the energy and motivation to do what you love (and do it well)
  • The value of writing down ideas and goals


Listen to the full episode now:


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