Podsnip #2: Being shy and introverted isn’t a life sentence (1 min)

…if it’s something you want to change, that is. I am in full support of accepting who you are and finding your groove using your given personality type, but I know that a lot of people feel limited by their shyness / introversion. This episode of The School of Greatness showcases the story of Ed Mylett, who went from shy, poor, and depressed to multimillionaire and master influencer. The cherry on top: he has devoted his life to serving others.

Now, we don’t all have to become multimillionaires, but the mere fact that someone made such a transformation can help break down our stubborn beliefs that say shyness and insecurity will hold us back forever. And that mindset change is invaluable.

Full Episode: Keys to Persuasion and Powerful Self Confidence with Ed Mylett (iTunes Link)
Featuring: Lewis Howes (Host), Ed Mylett
Podcast: The School of Greatness (iTunes Link)


Notable Quotes:

“Things happen for you, not to you.” – Unknown

“You can’t transfer to me that which you do not feel yourself.” – Ed Mylett

“The number one addiction in the world today is the addiction to other people’s approval.” – Ed Mylett




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