Podsnip #1: A strong endorsement for the practice of meditation (2 mins)

Full Episode: #111 The Science of Meditation
Featuring: Sam Harris, Daniel GolemanRichard J. Davidson
Podcast: Waking Up with Sam Harris

The best part of this podcast is that there’s NO woo-hoo spiritual bullshit. I trust these guys – they’re some of the brightest minds of our time. While the episode starts out rather dry (IMO), it eventually gets juicy around the 25 minute mark. The focus is on proven, scientific results that will help convince you to finally make meditation part of your daily routine.


  • how what you do/think on a daily basis affects the pathways in your brain, and how that can be changed through daily practice.
  • knowing that your thoughts are just thoughts, and how lack of this “meta-awareness” is associated with depression
  • The difference between mindfulness and flow-state and the merits of each
  • How to use mindfulness for stress reduction

Books Mentioned: Altered Traits, Emotional Intelligence

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